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LG Hausys

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Design Center

Design Innovation

Sharpening Design
LG Hausys strives to keep abreast
of the latest market trends from
consumers’ perspectives, offering
designs that reflect consumer taste.

With the largest design center in
Korea’s building materials industry,
and our unique design culture known
as “Design Innovation” aimed at
fostering talented designers, we are
always one step ahead of our
Development Led by Customer Insights: “Design Innovation”
“Design Innovation,” with its motto “Turn ideas into products,” refers to the
process by which LG Hausys members
develop pilot products based on
product incubation that allows for valuable feedback on products before their launch.

Many products developed through Design Jump have been extremely well-received among customers.
    • CMF
    • Customer
    • Trend
  1. Customer
  2. Incubation/
    Design Jump
  3. Product
  • CMF Research

    Systematic analyses of CMF trends for
    various materials including, polymer, natural material, metal, and glass, to ensure their reflection in product design and

  • Trend Research

    Analyses of major trends and customer
    inclinations on the latest issues towards formulating Strategies for design development.

  • Customer

    Leveraging customer communication channels to garner customer opinions (on the living environment, products, etc.) and ensure their reflection in product design and development.

  • Incubating
    / Design Jump

    Revisions of product design ideas based on expert advice and feedback, and development of pilot products.

  • Product

    Final product development and product launch.