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Press Release New Pietra Collection by HIMACS 10.03.2021

LX Hausys America Introduces New Pietra Collection by

HIMACS Solid Surface

CHICAGO – NEOCON EXPO, 7th FLOOR, SPACE 7-5038, Oct. 4, 2021 – LX Hausys America Inc., an innovative manufacturer of building and decorative materials, is introducing the Pietra Collection by HIMACS Solid Surface. Evoking the rugged and natural look of basalt, the collection’s three colors bring an aesthetic of understated luxury and are versatile enough to meet the design requirements of multiple commercial interior spaces.


Similar to the recently introduced Wood Collection, the Pietra Collection reflects an organic movement of colors and realistic visuals inspired by nature. Available in three colorsCalda, Brina and Nottehues range from a light gray to a warm white to an urbane black. Dense and finely grained textures, along with gentle whisper-like veining create a rough, stony-looking appearance. As a non-porous surface, Pietra offers maintenance, cost-savings and hygienic advantages.


Brina’s frosty allure offers up a new sense of coolness. Chameleon-like in appearance, Brina’s light gray and soft white tones take center stage, depending on the setting. Rich in texture with intricate veining, its cool, sophisticated appearance brings a touch of luxury to modern, industrial and transitional spaces. 

​Featured color: Brina 


Calda’s ivory and soft white hues deliver warmth and a wealth of design versatility. Its long veins gently ebb and flow in both width and tonality, revealing a gentle wave-like pattern. Interior spaces become elevated as Calda’s neutral and stony look pairs perfectly with a wide spectrum of colors and materials.


Featured color: Calda 


Rugged and dark, Notte makes a dramatic statement for any interior. Subtly glimpsing through an urbane black surface, long, whisper-white veins expand and condense creating light undertones and an unexpected warmth. Notte’s stony textured and weathered look is both bold and inviting.


Feature color: Notte 


“Basalt expresses a very natural sense of luxury because of its unique texture,” said LX Hausys Surfaces Product Design Director Taewoo Kim. “We created the collection to capture the essence of this texture, but in a graceful way for use in a diversity of spaces. Natural, modern and warm, the Pietra Collection is not limited by the color or mood of the space.”


The Pietra Collection colors, like all HIMACS colors, are available in 30” x 145” with ½” thickness. HIMACS colors are made with sustainable material and an eco-friendly manufacturing process and are backed by LX Hausys’ 15-year limited warranty.




With durability similar to that of natural stone, HIMACS is engineered to withstand everyday wear and tear, and offers a high resistance to stains and chemicals. HIMACS is a non-porous solid surface, ideal for commercial applications where hygiene is essential. Its easy-to-clean surface does not require sealing or special products for maintenance and is repairable. HIMACS can be restored to its original state by a certified professional. It contains no visible crevices or surface irregularities, thus preventing harmful bacteria or mold from penetrating into the surface. HIMACS’s 3-D thermoforming and translucent properties yield versatile design possibilities. It can be easily fabricated in the same way as wood, and can be heated and bent, enabling the product to meet the most challenging of 3D designs. Made with sustainable material and an eco-friendly manufacturing process, HIMACS is backed by LX Hausys’ 15-year limited warranty.